Technologies of the Self

Alan Bowers, M.AmSAT

 The vocal tract—lips of the glottis to the lips of the mouth—is the theater of the  voice. Walk upstage on the tongue of that theater and point slightly upwards, you’re pointing at the atlanto-occipital joiint, the axis of the head upon the spine. The slightest maladjustment there—a backward tilt—has a profound effect upon the vocal tract and thus upon the voice. Here is the synergy of Alexander Technique and voice—the Singer’s Synergy—the minded balance of the head on top of the spine and the freedom of the vocal tract.


The virtuous circle  The arc of our lives is inscribed in a breath. At our birth, we inspire and at our deaths we expire, inspiration/expiration. Free the breath. Free your body. Free your voice. Free your breath, a virtuous circle. You’ll begin to live in its circumference at your first lesson. Call me.

Cathleen Schine

“Going to see Alan Bowers to learn the Alexander
technique is my favorite hour of the week”

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Tod Fitzpatrick, D.M.A., Cert. in Vocology

“Mr. Bower’s work was a game changer for a significant
number of our students”

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Walker Clark - Master Peak Performance Coach

“I’ve worked with many Alexander teachers throughout the years, and Alan is my go-to guy in New York City”

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Dr. Julia Grella O'Connell

“Alan’s work has allowed me to drop the false treasures,  the artificially manufactured sound and everything I thought it would buy for me”

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Cliff Abramson

“Finding an Alexander teacher of your caliber in this neck of the woods is difficult”

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Orion Canter

“Alan Bowers is a fantastic teacher and a wonderful human being.”

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Jean Turn

“I am delighted to say that the effects of these sessions have been profound and long lasting”

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