Your favorite hour of the week. 

Me, I’d always felt gangly, too tall, and disjointed. I left my first Alexander lesson all put together, feeling like a little tractor connected to the earth and chugging right along. It was wonderful. That may not be your experience. Okay, it definitely will not be your experience. Yours will be unique, but like mine, it will be a paradigm shift. Some students report feeling light as air, their creaky joints bending freely. Some report relief from back and neck pain, some in their first lesson. Whatever you feel, you’ll notice a shift in your thinking, an awareness of the way things are and the way they might be. You’re going to be moved. Author Cathleen Schine called her lesson her favorite hour of the week. You may too. Below, please find my rates.

A single lesson in person or by Zoom: 


Adjustable rates for fully enrolled students at a college, university, or trade school, are available according to financial need.